My list of goals for 2011 (on NG)

2011-01-03 17:08:45 by BarryLyndonIII

So, I've decided to take a glimpse at myaccount, and realize:

"Dude! I've done NOTHING!"

And, after the rage I had, I decided to make some goals.

1. Post 1 blog a week.
2. Post 3-5 reviews a week.
3. Post 10 BBS messages a week.
4. Post 1 whine blog a week.
5. Kill Wade Fulp.
6. Comment some blogs.
7. Deposit exp. everyday.

Also, Mtn Dew is awesome.

My list of goals for 2011 (on NG)


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2011-01-03 17:09:32

Why does everyone want Wade dead? o.o

BarryLyndonIII responds:

Because he sucks and is gay.