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Whine blog: Fuck you, SCGMD3 haters.

2011-01-04 06:54:04 by BarryLyndonIII

So, after I got really bored yesterday. And I dug around SCGMD3's Reviews. Guess what? I found lots of whiny bitches complaining about it's increased difficulty in comparison to its younger bro, SCGMD2.

"it shouldnt be hard for the first one the first stuff is awalys easy"

"I wouldn't rate this nearly as highlt as SCGM2 because the pro has become amateur and pro has become 'You must be so skilled that you could hit the g-spot with a bb-gun from 200 metres away'.

In other words, it's frustatingly hard."

"This game made me mad when I lost and I yelled at my mom."

These are some of those whiny unskilled bitches . Guess what. Fuck you dudes. Sure, SCGMD2 was a great, joyful game. But you know what?

It was too easy.

Rob (Robert?) Sienkiewicz (aka Shinki) has recognized his previous mistake, and put harder and better songs. Hence, why In Your Eyes is hard.

Now, people whine for it.

For fuck's sake, grow a pair. Contact your local gynecologist to see if he/she/it can help you with this issue. An alternative is to shoot yourself in the head.

P.S.: Learn to read, fuckers.

I'm out. I need a Mtn Dew.

Whine blog: Fuck you, SCGMD3 haters.


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2011-01-04 07:52:19


BarryLyndonIII responds:

Bitch off.